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Love is forever.

+About Us
Love is forever.

Your consultant at will take the time to get to know you, your family, your concerns, and your goals. They will take the time to answer all your questions and produce a plan that fits your needs. Love is forever.  Let your loved ones know.  Book an appointment to ensure your love lasts forever.  We provide unique estate planning services.


"I wanted to do something for my grandkids that they could remember me.  They are so young.    When they grow older, I am not sure they will remember who I am.  Love Company seemed like a great opportunity to do just that.   They took the time to put a plan together and answer all the questions I had.  It was a great comfort for me knowing I could do something like this for them."

- John R.


+ Our Services

SMS Text Messaging

Send to your loved one's videos, pictures, documents, recordings, or text messages. 

Greeting Cards 
or Letters

Send your loved one's greeting cards or letters printed from handwritten images. We can even deliver greeting cards and letters previously made by you.  


 Deliver flowers with personal messages. You will have the option to customize your bouquet.  

Custom Delivery

If our standard offerings don't meet your needs, we can customize your delivery to make it meaningful for you and your loved ones. (i.e., Teddy Bear, Balloons, etc.)

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