By: William Search


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Finalist 16th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards - Category Philosophy


The author has been obsessed with a question for over 20+ years. The question ‘Why Do We Exist?’ He received an answer to his prayer in one of his most atypical states.

This book documents how one man resolved his existential crisis and answered most of his existential questions.

  • Why a faith in God and faith in science are not mutually exclusive?


  • Why are there so many different religions in different cultures?


  • If God exists, why does she/he not come down and show himself/herself?


  • Why are there so many inconsistencies between the bible, other religious texts, and scientific theories like the big bang theory and evolution?


  • If God is all-powerful, why did he/she bother with evolution?

The author answers all these questions with a simple, elegant theory. He supports his theory through religious, scientific, analytical, and philosophical reviews.


"An Interesting and insightful read. Deeply thought-provoking and sparks internal dialogues that will change the global landscape. Highly recommended for those seeking truth, light, and meaning for their existence."- Jessie Raymond, Editor, United Kingdom


"Some questions are everlasting ... who are we? How did we get here? Why do we exist? In WHY by William Search, the author explores religions and one's faith in God, the understanding of science, philosophical theories, and the ultimate conclusions of man (and woman) kind. Touching on subjects like culture, "Moral Compass Theory," variations of many biblical interpretations, and the difference between living and merely existing, the thought-provoking compilation brings these questions (and more) to the surface. Readers may find they are not alone with questions and answers that mirror their own." - IndieReader


 "Search's conclusion, seems well-founded both on reason and on the nature of a social animal, with a heavy emphasis on compassion, justice, and courage,  and it is an answer that can make sense both in a religious and secular context, to those who believe in a Deity and those who do not. It is not, of course,  and cannot be proven as a mathematical fact can, but Search offers some solid evidence and rational backing for it, and it's as good an answer as any to the title question."
-Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader