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103. Encountering the Divine: Exploring Near-Death Experiences and the Presence of God

The study conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Long, which found that God is frequently encountered during near-death experiences (NDEs), challenges the notion that NDEs are mere products of imagination. The fact that several hundred people reported meeting God during their NDEs suggests that these experiences may have a deeper meaning and significance beyond individual perception.

One potential explanation for this phenomenon is that NDEs provide a glimpse into a reality that is beyond our everyday understanding. The encounters with God reported by those who have experienced NDEs could be evidence of a spiritual or metaphysical reality that is not accessible through our usual senses.

On the other hand, the encounters with God reported during NDEs could also be the result of a common physiological or psychological process that occurs during life-threatening experiences. It is possible that extreme stress or injury triggers specific changes in the brain or body that lead to encounters with a divine presence.

Regardless of the explanation, the fact that encounters with God are frequently reported during NDEs suggests that these experiences may have a real and potentially profound impact on individuals. Further research is needed to better understand the underlying causes of NDEs and the meaning of the experiences reported by those who have had them.

The Theory of Morality and Existence, as theorized by William Search, suggests that the reason for human existence is tied to morality. The experiences reported during NDEs, including encounters with God and feelings of connection to a greater whole, support this theory by suggesting that there may be a deeper spiritual or metaphysical reality that we are all connected to. These experiences may provide insight into the nature of existence and the role of morality in our lives.

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